This course is the required course to qualify for the NC Real Estate Broker Licensure exam. This course is taken online in a virtual classroom. The platform we use is RECampus Live, which is similar to Zoom. The final exam however, is taken in person. The price does NOT include the textbook. Be sure to add the textbook to your cart OR you can purchase the separate e-book.

You will receive login information 3 days before the course is scheduled to begin. You will receive the information again by 6p the evening before class is scheduled to begin. Please see the Policy and Procedures document for more information regarding required technology, attendance, etc.

Taking the live online class allows you MORE flexibility as  you will have access to both the AM class (9a-1p) and the PM class (6p-10p) . While we prefer you register for one time, if your schedule changes and you need to take the other class (either for the day or for the duration of the class), you will have the ability to do so at NO EXTRA COST.

NC Broker Pre License Course (Live Online)